Changes in Vega FEM v1.1

This is a MINOR release. It fixes a few small bugs. It also adds a small set of features to various libraries. You can use a tool such as DiffMerge to see the code changes (in the entire directory tree) from v1.0 to v1.1. You can apply changes to your existing v1.0 code using the following patch (make a backup copy first!) :

patch -p0 < VegaFEM-v1.1.patch

Changes in version 1.1:

integrator: improved comments in ImplicitNewmarkSparse and ImplicitBackwardEulerSparse
integrator: both ImplicitNewmarkSparse and ImplicitBackwardEulerSparse now use a zero initial guess for each iteration (only relevant with PCG; before: ImplicitNewmarkSparse used previous timestep solution)
isotropicHyperelasticFEM: improved the text description (in the comment) of the Mooney-Rivlin material model
massSpringSystem: renamed ObjConfig => ObjMeshConfig
massSpringSystem: added MassSpringSystemobjMesh::getRestPositions
objMesh: added ObjMesh::setSingleMaterial
objMesh: added ObjMesh::getTriangle
objMesh: fixed the "iFace" bug with custom colors in ObjMeshRender
objMesh: changed delete to free in ObjMeshRender
objMesh: renamed findClosestVertex => getClosestVertex
objMesh: snychronized interface in ObjMeshRender with ObjMesh
sceneObject: renamed FindClosestVertex => GetClosestVertex
sceneObject: added SceneObject::GetNumFaces
sparseMatrix: improved headers in sparseMatrix.h: MultiplyMatrix*
sparseMatrix: added SparseMatrix::AppendRowsColumns
sparseMatrix: added SparseMatrix::MakeDenseMatrixTranspose
sparseMatrix: fixed a rare bug in SparseMatrix::RemoveColumns
sparseMatrix: changed the return type of Transpose to "SparseMatrix *"
sparseSolver: added the ability to pass a diagonal preconditioner to the "black-box" mat-vec multiplication constructor in CGSolver
sparseSolver: added PardisoSolver::SolveLinearSystemMultipleRHS
volumetricMesh: added VolumetricMesh::getDefaultMaterial(double * E, double * nu, double * density)
volumetricMesh: fixed a bug in the alternative constructor, VolumetricMesh::VolumetricMesh(int numVertices_, double * vertices_, int numElements_, int numElementVertices_, int * elements_, double E, double nu, double density): numElementVertices(numElementVertices_);
volumetricMesh: added VolumetricMesh::getVolume and VolumetricMesh::getVertexVolumes
volumetricMesh: added optional last parameter to VolumetricMesh::setToSubsetMesh
volumetricMesh: added VolumetricMesh::computeGradient and VolumetricMesh::interpolateGradient
volumetricMesh: added material information to the output mesh of GenerateSurfaceMesh::ComputeMesh
volumetricMesh: added CubicMesh::subdivide
volumetricMesh: changed "wa" to "w" and "ra" to "r" in fopen
generateInterpolant: minor change (an extra printf)
interactiveDeformableSimulator: minor changes to accommodate the above library changes
cleaned up license headers (minor, stylistic change, no change in actual license)
files converted to unix-style end-of-line characters
small improvements to Makefile-header.linux