CS520 Assignment 3: Constrained Particle System

This is an old assignment. Do not use.

Due Wednesday Apr 16, 2014, by 11:59pm


Please download the assignment writeup here. You can use your OpenGL setup from Assignment 1 as a starting point.

Useful (free) software for solving linear systems (you are not bound to using any particular solver software, listed or not):

You can find a writeup corresponding to the Constraints lecture here.

Some hints for solving linear systems in the assignment:

How to submit the assignment

Upload your entire solution as one zip file to the Blackboard. Don't forget to include your README file, the compiled executable (Windows or Mac, include all the required DLLs), the animation frames, and any other material required by the assignment writeup. For the animation, use the same format as with Assignment 1. Please submit JPEG frames (assumed frame rate is 15 fps), at the 640x480 resolution. Do not exceed 600 frames.

Example screenshots

Click for larger image

Extra credit ideas

Jernej Barbic, USC